What is Long Term Care?

Long term care is assistance and support for people who cannot look after their personal needs by themselves; for example people with a prolonged physical or chronic illness, disability or cognitive disorder. It includes help for people with cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Long term care differs from traditional medical care as it is designed to assist a person to maintain his or her level of functioning, as opposed to care or services that are designed to rehabilitate or correct certain medical problems. In other words, the focus of long term care is on caring, rather than curing.


Where is Long term Care Provided?

Long term care can be provided in two types of settings:

  • A home or an adult day care location
  • A facility such as a nursing home (Long term care centres), chronic care facility, personal care home, or assisted living facility.

Care in the home can consists of a variety of medical and personal services and facility care may include different levels of accommodation (private, semi-private or ward) and supplementary nursing and personal care.


How much will Long Term Care Cost Me?

Long term care can be expensive. The cost depends on the amount and type of care needed and where it is obtained. Costs for home care such as nursing care and household and personal assistance can vary widely. Costs in long term care facilities can also be considerably different, depending on location, extent of government subsidy and type of accommodation.