Group Insurance Solutions

Are you tired of having a massive increase on your Group Plan renewal every year? Your plan may require a redesign or you simply may need the expertise of an experienced Broker who understands the group market to review the claims experience and Profit/ Loss ratios of your annual renewals. As an employer you want to offer the best benefits for your employee demographic in the most cost effective way. We can help you do this! Whether we build a plan with you from scratch or we help you tweak and remarket an existing one, we can keep your benefit plan fresh and your employees satisfied.


Customized Traditional fully insured group plans


Customized flexible benefit plan

The best of both worlds. Allowing you as the employer to provide fully insured benefits such as Life, Disability and AD&D as well as credit for your employees to spend unused health dollars on the health plan or optional benefits they really want! 

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Health and welfare trust plans

  • Health Care Spending Account
  • Lifestyle Spending Account
  • Cost Plus Account

*Only available to Incorporated Businesses