Why Health Insurance?

RPIBI offers individual and family health insurance plans to families and individuals who are not eligible for health insurance benefits through an employer or are looking for a lower cost alternative. We have plans for the self employed, seniors and students. If you are one of the millions of uninsured Canadians, give us a call and we will help find you an affordable health insurance plan. If you have health insurance now, and are paying too much, let us help lower your monthly premiums.


The Government's Health Plan Covers Me...Doesn't it?

Many common medical expenses, such as dental work, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, private and semi-private hospital room accommodation and many other costs, are not covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan. If you're without an employer group plan, these expenses are paid out of your pocket.
Your Provincial Health Insurance Plan does not cover all or any prescription drugs, ambulance services, professional services such as Massage Therapy or Chiropractor, dental or vision care. But individual health plans do cover them—and more.

RPIBI will give you the option of comparing plans and you can even apply for coverage on-line!
* Note, Some plans are medically underwritten. Pre-existing conditions may affect your eligibility for coverage or the type of coverage offered by the insurer.


Have You Recently Left an Employer Who Was Providing a Group Health Plan?

Conversion coverage is specifically designed for individuals who have until recently been covered under a group benefits plan through their employer.

If you apply within 30 days of your benefits ending, a medical questionnaire may not be required.