Term life insurance offers simple and affordable life insurance protection. You get valuable coverage for a set period of time, along with plenty of options to meet your needs and budget. It provides a tax-free cash payment to your beneficiaries if you die while your coverage is in effect.

universal life insurance

With the ability to adjust your premium payments (within certain limits) to your changing needs and situation, universal life insurance is ideal for those focused on obtaining flexible coverage. And unlike term life insurance – which only offers coverage for a set period of time – universal life insurance makes sure you and your family are protected for life, provided you pay your premiums.


Whole life plans are designed to provide guaranteed lifetime financial protection, which is well suited to the needs of clients seeking financial stability and security for themselves and their families, in the event of a premature death.

Participating whole life

Participating whole life insurance provides insurance protection with the potential to grow money tax-free (within limits) inside your policy over time (called cash value). You can use your policy’s cash value while you are still living. As long as your premiums are paid, your coverage lasts a lifetime. Your initial basic coverage and basic cash value are guaranteed.

When you buy participating life insurance, you are also eligible to receive policyholder dividends, which can be used to buy more coverage, reduce your premium payments or taken as cash. Keep in mind that you may have to pay tax on any withdrawals.

non-participating whole life

Non-participating Whole life plans are a great solution for creating a long term insurance strategy. A fully guaranteed non-participating plan offering level coverage and guaranteed premiums payable for a specified period, after which the policy becomes fully paid.   

Non-participating whole life policies, have no policyholder dividends.