About RPIBI Group

RPIBI is a one stop health shop with experts in the fields of occupational health services, health care administration, group benefits, individual insurance and financial and estate planning.  With its unique approach, RPIBI has established itself as a leader in creating innovative and individual solutions for optimizing health services for its clients. 

When contemplating the purchase of sophisticated goods and services, consumers want to be able to access “experts” that will help guide their selection and purchasing decisions.  Changes are imminent, and RPIBI believes now is the time to capitalize on the structural and financial tools available to ensure corporate and individual well being.  RPIBI offers various products and services to do just this.

RPIBI recognizes that the health insurance needs of every individual are different. Our mission is to ensure employees of small groups throughout Canada have access to health insurance coverage empowering them to choose the health carrier they want, the benefit levels they need and the price they can afford.

RPIBI has introduced an "employee-choice" health program, modeled after large group plans that would provide multiple plan options under one program.  This program would be priced to meet small employer budget considerations and administered as if it were one plan. 

RPIBI offers a plurality of products and services:

RPIBI: Provides enhanced access to health services in Canada through its international provider network (Best Doctors), comprehensive diagnostic testing programs, and executive and employee wellness programs (RPIBI).

RPIBI:  Provides wealth management products through group benefit plans, mutual funds, segregated funds, individual life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, private health insurance, long-term care insurance, travel and most other insurances.

"Living Benefits Specialists"

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